Bet The Farm

Jun 28, 2018
7:00 PM

Bet The Farm

(Thursdays & Saturdays)

Hold on to your seat and get ready to laugh! Bet The Farm starts with a rip-roarin’ musical number and keeps right on rolling, jam-packed with live bluegrass music, new acts with acclaimed Ventriloquist Ken Groves, Jonas Beachy’s newly formed Boy Band, special acts resembling America’s favorite reality shows, knee-slappin’ audience story time, a Quilt Quandary with Fannie, and a surprise from Lynyrd that will keep you laughing for the rest of 2018. The comedy continues with new parodies from the Jonas Brothers & Fannie, hilarious audience interactive improv, and chase it all down with an unforgettable finale from ventriloquist Ken Groves!


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